–  Film completed September 2018

–  Directing & Producing 

The documentary film “Sleepers in Venice” is a making film of an exhibition with the same title ‘Sleepers in Venice exhibition’ that was hosted by ISKAI Contemporary Art with nine artists during the 2015 Venice Biennale Press month. 

Inspired by Turner prize winning artist Mark Wallinger’s work Sleeper and the novel Death in Venice, the film charts the preparations in and outside Venice as well as three years after the exhibition. 

The art director and the executive producer Stephanie Seungmin Kim is an independent curator living in London and wanted to produce a film about what it means to be a contemporary artist in this globalised art world.

The director of the film Steve M. Choe is a renowned film editor, and together with the exciting documentary team that stayed with artists in Venice for ten days and nights, the film explores Venice, the ideal destination that seems to haunt artists of all times. 

Stephanie Seungmin Kim produced an original soundtrack (OST) album for this film working with talented musicians. The album can be found in Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.



So far the film has been invited to various international film festivals in 2019.

Official Selection

London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema (nominated as the Best Director for Doc)

Rome Independent Prisma Awards

Falcon International Film Festival

Miami International Film Festival

Rome Cinema DOC


Official Selection and Semifinalist for 

Hollywood Screenings Film Festival



Artists: Jia Chang, Hyunjoon E, Deokyeoung Gim, Eemyun Kang, Woody Kim, Hyeyoung Ku, MR36 (Moz Kim & Ryoni) and Mark Wallinger 



Director: Steve M. Choe 

Art Director/ Executive Producer: Stephanie Seungmin Kim 

Cinematographer: Gun Ho Jang  

Assistant Director: Aran Bhang 

Assistant Director: Manul

Line Producer: Gina S.H Lee

Editing Assistant: Hyukjun Jang


[Operations Team]

Business Operations Manager: Yeonhee Do

Project Curatorial Manager: Hyewon Lee



Music director: Soyoung Lim

OST Musicians: ADOY, LiL.E (Yunjoung Lee), Dguru, Elsa + Han

OST album manager Jimin Park Fluxus Music