–  OST album released September 2018

–  Directing & Producing 

–  Director & Producer : Stephanie Seungmin Kim

–  OST Musicians: ADOY, LiL.E (Yunjoung Lee), Dguru, Elsa + Han

–  Music director: Soyoung Lim

[Operations Team]

Business Operations Manager: Yeonhee Do

Project Curatorial Manager: Hyewon Lee

The original soundtrack (OST) album was produced for the film ‘Sleepers in Venice’ which is a making film of an exhibition with the same title ‘Sleepers in Venice exhibition’ that was hosted by ISKAI Contemporary Art with nine artists during the 2015 Venice Biennale Press month. Talented musicians and a music director (ADOY, LiL.E (Yunjoung Lee), Dguru, Elsa + Han, Soyoung Lim) composed 7 songs for the OST album. The album can be found in Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

– Mars – ADOY

– Don’t Stop – ADOY

– Something (Feat. Yoonsu Sin) – Elsa & Han

– Dear Door – Dgru, LiL.E

– Ulahlah – Dgru, LiL.E

– Coming Back To You – Elsa & Han

– Goodbye, Venice – Soyoung Lim